Short nerve defects are usually treated by direct suture, but a primary tension-free repair of the nerve is often not possible. However, mechanical tension significally limits the healing process. On the contrary, Reaxon® Direct allows for a tension-free coaptation.

Benefits of Reaxon® Direct:

  • Tension-free repair for short nerve defects up to 10 mm
  • Inhibits scar tissue and neuroma formation
  • Off-the-shelf availability due to consignment stock



Tension-free coaptation

The interim analysis of an ongoing prospective, randomized clinical trial1 − with the aim to achieve an improved outcome after defect closure by direct suture with the additional usage of Reaxon® Direct − show the following results:

  • Superiority of the additional usage of Reaxon® Direct 6 month post-operation
  • No effect on the finger motion over joints
  • Easy handling and suturing


Fig.: 2-Point Discrimination (2PD) three and six month after treatment of nerve defects by direct suture with or without (control) protection by Reaxon® Direct.


1 Neubrech F, Heider S, Harhaus L, Bickert B, Kneser U, Kremer T. Chitosan nerve tube for primary repair of traumatic sensory nerve lesions of the hand without a gap: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials 2016;17:48.



Protection from neuroma formation

Reaxon® Direct limits the growth of scar forming cells and thereby protects the regenerating nerve not only from external mechanical compression but also from the ingrowth of fibrotic tissue.




Reaxon® Direct is supplied in the following dimensions:

Catalog Number GTIN Inner Diameter Length
RD121 4260365941219 2.1 mm 14 mm
RD130 4260365941301 3.0 mm 14 mm
RD140 4260365941400 4.0 mm 14 mm
RD150 4260365941509 5.0 mm 14 mm
RD160 4260365941608 6.0 mm 14 mm

Reaxon® Direct is a sterile product and packed individually. The diameter indicated is that of the dry state. After hydration, the diameter increases slightly by approx. 0.1 to 0.4 mm.

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