Nerve injuries

In emergency and trauma care, treating peripheral nerve injuries is common. In most cases the upper extremities are affected, such as the hand or the forearm, and the patient is faced with functional impairments.

The use of an autologous nerve transplant is still a widespread treatment method which, however, results in functional deficiency at the donor site and may lead to scar formation, sensitivity disorders, as well as neuroma formation.

Reaxon® Nerve Guide is a chitosan-based nerve conduit which is resistant to collapse and helps to avoid the undesired drawbacks of autografts.


The electrostatic interaction between the positively charged surface of Reaxon® Nerve Guide with negatively charged biomolecules and cell components actively supports nerve repair.



Advantages for surgeons and patients

Reaxon® Nerve Guide is made of the biopolymer chitosan. Chitosan is produced from chitin, a biopolymer found naturally in the exoskeleton of crustaceans and in the cell membranes of fungi, yeasts and other microorganisms.

Benefits of replacing an autograft by a nerve guide:

  • Nerve repair immediately after the trauma
  • Second surgery is not required
  • Preserves the functionality at the donor site
  • Prevents donor site morbidity

Unique properties of chitosan nerve guide:

  • Antiadhesive – inhibits scar tissue and neuroma formation
  • Bioactive – supports nerve regeneration equivalent to the autograft
  • Biocompatible – prevents irritation and inflammation
  • Antibacterial – limits infection

Additional benefits of chitosan nerve guide:

  • Resistant to collapse – prevents nerve compression
  • Transparent – facilitates implantation and nerve fixation
  • Hydrogel wall – very easy to suture
  • Storage stability – 4 years under normal conditions




Reaxon® Nerve Guide is designed to support the repair of peripheral nerve injuries up to a defect length of 26 mm.



Order Reaxon® Nerve Guide



Reaxon® Nerve Guide is supplied in the following dimensions:

Catalog Number GTIN Inner Diameter Length
RG321 4260365943213 2.1 mm 30 mm
RG330 4260365943305 3.0 mm 30 mm
RG340 4260365943404 4.0 mm 30 mm
RG350 4260365943503 5.0 mm 30 mm
RG360 4260365943602 6.0 mm 30 mm

Reaxon® Nerve Guide is a sterile product and packed individually. The diameter indicated is that of the dry state. After hydration, the diameter increases slightly by approx. 0.1 to 0.4 mm.


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