Reaxon® Nerve Guide

Reaxon® Nerve Guide is a flexible, long-term biodegradable nerve guide for bridging nerve defect lengths up to 26 mm. It directs the sprouting nerve fibers and inhibits the ingrowth of scar tissue und neuroma formation. Reaxon® Nerve Guide is made of a transparent chitosan hydrogel which facilitates the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the regenerating nerve.


We rely on the right biomaterial!

Medovent is focused on the development and distribution of innovative chitin- and chitosan-based medical products.

What moves us at Medovent

Thanks to our extensive experience in working with the biomaterial chitosan, we know what is required to achieve the best product performance. For our medical devices, we use raw materials with the highest degree of purity and design our products with specific properties that will support optimal treatment and healing in your patients.

Medovent is a medtech company founded in 2006 in Mainz/Germany. With a passion for the biopolymer chitosan, we develop and market products with outstanding properties tailored to the respective fields of application.


Medovent’s quality policy is based on well-defined processes and constant evaluations. Our products are subject to a series of quality controls to provide the best possible solutions.

Quality Management Certificate:
EN ISO 13485:2016

Nerve Guide Certificate:
EG Certificate – Full Quality Assurance System


The unique skill set and high commitment of our team helps us to implement new product ideas and challenging production processes, and to achieve sustainable quality of our products.